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- Travel information -

By car:

With your car, you can get to one of the two biggest ports in Haly, Brindezi or Ancona, through the national transport system of Italy. From there you can travel by Superfast Ferries. It takes 19 hours to get to Patras from Ancona and 12 hours grom Brindezi. Then, from Patras you have to travel by car/bus to Rio (6 Km), where you get the ferry boat to Antirrio. After that, take the national road from Nafpaktos to Delphi and after 25 Km you will find the village of Marathias. At the centre of the village you can find Taverna Melista

By plane:

From all international airports there are daily flights to Elephtherios Venizelos airport, in Athens. From Spata, where the airport is located, you can get to the central bus station at Kifissos by buses. From there, daily, there are buses to Agrinio (one every hour) which you can take up to Antirrio, and twice a day there is a bus directly to Nafpaktos (07:15 a.m. , 15:30 p.m.) The trip lasts approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. There are buses and taxis to transfer your from Antirrio to Marathias.

By Charter Flight:

By a Charter Flight you can land at Araxos Airport, which is located at the South West of Patras - 1 hour distance to the city of Patras. From there it takes about 2 hours to get to Marathias by taxi. After special arrangement we can send you a taxi at the airport - either at Elephtherios Venizelos or Araxos for help or arrangements of any kind, please contact us.